It takes courage to fight cancer.

That’s the headline in PODER Magazine’s online article about my foundation.  Powerful words and so true! I can still see my mother doing the “arañita” (spider crawl) exercises after she had her mastectomy. She’d be in pain and still had the courage to lean her arms against a wall and crawl her fingers up, slowly, like a spider until she could go no further. I’d watch her and want to cry because of the pain she was going through but I’d smile and say, “Good job Mami!” until she had to do them again, hours later.

My grandmother, Elena Perou, holding my mother (Marta Ostria) in her arms, my great-grandmother (Elena Farfán) and my grand-aunt (Carmen Perou).

It’s been 8 years since her surgery and she is cancer-free. Yes, she is the third generation of my family to survive this disease. My Great-Grandmother, Grandmother and Mother all had it and, miraculously, survived. My grandmother had it at 48 and lived to be almost 97! They are all featured in an interview that Barbara Palacios, of AOL Latino did of me.

Barbara Palacios interviews Macarena Zilveti for her online show "Tu Voz en Tu Vida"

Barbara Palacios interviews me for her online show "Tu Voz en Tu Vida"

It’s a Spanish language interview to raise awareness about me and the foundation and to tell women how important it is to get early detection.

This month, breast cancer awareness month, I try to do as much as possible to spread the word on how important it is to get early detection, do breast self-examination and lead a life that includes a healthy diet and exercise. My friend, Rhonda Smith, of Breast Cancer Partner, an online site and blog that is constantly offering advice on diet and self care for breast cancer survivors.

Rhonda Smith, Founder of Breast Cancer Partner

Rhonda Smith, Founder of Breast Cancer Partner

Tomorrow morning, Oct. 9, I will be participating in the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk  in Downtown Miami. I will proudly wear a pink bandeau over my breasts and sew some Badges of Courage on them to commiserate with my fellow women. Women who are courageous, gutsy, humble, strong, survivors, and soooooooo beautiful!

As PODER writes in their article, at the end of the month, on October 21st, I will be proudly hosting a silent auction at BluMoon Studio in Coconut Grove.

Invitation to silent auction for Badges of Courage Foundation

The DASH (Design and Architecture Senior High) Seniors in Fashion Design are each designing a Badge of Courage! After seeing the beautiful and creative work they produce, I cannot wait to see the marvelous badges they will come up with! As soon as I receive them, I will post the photos!


About Badges of Courage Foundation

We are a non-profit organization created to help low-income women who have been recently diagnosed with breast cancer.
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